The Gen 2 PREMIER system combines 21st century technology and materials with modern objectives including energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, passenger safety and comfort, increased usable space, streamlined architectural profiles and time saving installation. Gen2 PREMIER incorporates the latest major breakthrough in elevatoring technology-flexible, polyurethane-coated steel belts replace the conventional steel cables. 

Combined with the equally innovative concept of smaller, energy saving machines, and the low noise controller and drive, this radical innovation produces a state of art elevator system. 

The Gen2 PREMIER system represents more than a collection of new components. It is an imaginative re-invention of the most basic assumptions governing vertical transportation. The result is a completely revolutionary system-one that takes the elevator to its next level.

Durable, Flexible Belts :

Only 3mm thick and 30/60mm wide, the belts are more durable and flexible than the heavy woven steel cables that have been the industry standard for over a century, they are also 20 percent lighter and last up to three times longer. Each belt actually incorporates more wires than a conventional cable – a total of 588/1176 high tensile grade steel cords per belt. Yet their superior flexibility allows the belt. Yet their superior flexibility allows the belts to bend around smaller diameter sheaves. Additionally, Otis has developed PULSE, an electronic device that continually monitors the status of the belt cords.

The belts’ polyurethane jacket provides better traction than conventional cable. Flat belts also have more surface area at the point of contact, which significantly reduces wear on the sheave.

A Compact Machine :

The coated steel belts make possible a machine that takes up only 30 percent of the space of a conventional geared machine. The Gen2 PREMIER machine’s compact size enables Otis to position it at the top of the hoistway, thereby eliminating the need for a machine room. A smaller machine also means less inertia, resulting in dramatic reduction in the electrical current required during acceleration. A new generation disc brake makes the machine more reliable.

Energy Efficient :

The Gen2 PREMIER system stands as one of the most efficient – and thus cost-effective-elevators available today. The machine’s radial construction is as much as 50 percent more efficient than a conventional geared system, and 15 percent more efficient than machines with axial construction designs. The system also features a ‘sleep mode’ for reduced power consumption. By reducing heat losses, the synchronous motor with embedded permanent magnets further enhances the machine’s ability to use energy efficiently.

Safety Features :

The Gen2 PREMIER system’s advanced safety features exceed those required by even the most stringent international codes. Elevator doors reopen immediately if an invisible beam of light is interrupted. If the car is stopped between floors, evacuation deterrents prevent passengers from exiting. Hoist way access detection prevents a car from moving if a landing door is inadvertently opened. The Emergency and Inspection Panel is positioned at the landing for swift, easy access.

LAMBDA® LC entrance protection :

Otis’ LAMBDA® LC infrared curtain door protection system casts an invisible safety net of beams across the elevator entrance. The door protection device scans with more than 70 infrared beams per second, in a response time of less than. 1 second. If the system detects an obstruction, the doors swiftly and smoothly open to avoid any contact.

Environmentally Responsible : 

In addition to conserving energy, the Gen2 PREMIER system is environmentally responsible in a range of other ways. The need for oil in the machine is eliminated by the absence of a gearbox and the use of permanently sealed bearings. Unlike steel cables, the belts require no lubrication.

Isolation pads between the machine beams and the hoist way wall minimize building vibration, resulting in a quieter environment. The system also includes an electromagnetic filter, which eliminates interference with the building’s other electrical systems and complies with EN directives on Electro Magnetic Interference.

The Gen2 PREMIER manufacturing facility has received the ISO 14001 certification for environmentally responsible production methods.

Architectural Benefits :

The absence of a machine room allows architects greater design flexibility. Builders benefit from a controlled, streamlined installation process and minimal interference with other trades. For building owners, the Gen2 PREMIER system translates into lower construction costs and a substantial increase in rentable building space.

Controller and Drive :

Designed for groups of up to three cars, the modular controller incorporates a new generation of printed circuit boards and software to provide optimal response times. The digital closed-loop VF drive, with vector control technology, further increases efficiency and accuracy, and a digital speed encoder ensures correct car speed and positioning. The result is a system of exceptional reliability. 

When a hall button is pressed, Otis’ Relative System Response (RSR) dispatcher instantaneously selects the most eligible car in the elevator group to answer the call. In a split-second, the RSR dispatcher analyses a set of parameters based on response time estimates and ideal group control practices. By maximizing system performance, from dramatically reduced waiting times.

Higher energy saving through ReGen Drives(More than 1000 kgs):

The Gen2 elevator system becomes more energy efficient when combined with Otis’ ReGen drives. As the product of choice for green building initiatives, Otis ReGen drive reduce overall elevator energy usage by up to 75 percent compared to system with non –regenerative drives. ReGen drives feed energy usually lost during braking, back into the buildings internal electrical grid, where it can be used by other loads or users connected to the same network. Otis ReGen drive is ideal for low and mid rise residential and commercial buildings. They lower overall building operating costs, delivering significant annual savings to the building owners and tenants year after year during the life of the elevator. ReGen drives produce “clean power”- resulting in less pollution of the building’s electrical power system and helping to protect sensitive building equipment. By minimizing Radio Frequency Interference it virtually eliminates disruptions to other building electronic system ensuring compliance with strict regulations around the world.


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